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Before opening a request, please look through our FAQ's as most questions are alreay answered.
What niches does your traffic work best with?
MLM, business opportunities, work from home, Internet marketing, make money opportunities.
What size banners do you accept?
We accept most of the common sized banners such as 728X90, 468X60, 250X250, 160X600
What types of websites convert the best?
Visitors that are sent to a simple lead generation page where they can register for free to learn more perform better. Going for an immediate sale or watching a long video is going to turn your visitor away quickly.
Is your traffic Adsense compliant/ YouTube ads compliant?
Yes. The traffic that network partners deliver is organic. Not only is the traffic compliant, but converts as well.
Can I click to earn traffic or visit websites to earn traffic?
No. Kris Clicks is not a traffic exchange. You can purchase credits in your back office of Kris Clicks.
How can I get paid?
Affiliate sales commissions (25%) are paid out the 1st of every month for the prior month's sales. By clicking on Settings, you can enter the PayPal email address you want us to send the commission payment to. The minimum commission payout is $50.
How do the credits work?
1 credit is deducted from your account each time a visitor clicks on your ad.
What types of traffic will I get?
You can select the types of traffic you will receive. Some of the types are MLM / Network Marketing visitors, make money at home lead generation, search engine, social media clicks, and advertising partner exchanges.
How do I upload banners to your site?
You need to upload your banner from your computer to KrisClicks. Save your banner image on your computer some place you can easily find it. Within the "My Ads" area at KrisClicks, click on choose file which will browse your computer, once you find your banner, double click on it to upload. Give your add a title add your website link, then click create my ad, scroll down and click on Enable.


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